Paddleboard Instruction

Standup Paddleboarding is the fastest growing paddlesport. It's deceptively simple though and there are strokes, skills, maneuvers, and safety procedures that might not be as easy to learn on your own. Do you know when to wear a leash and what kind? Can you paddle on one side or do you need to switch sides every couple strokes>

For paddling sessions, please wear clothing and shoes appropriate for the water temperatures. Avoid cotton clothing – no blue jeans or hooded sweatshirts. Expect to get wet and to continue paddling. Bring a complete change of clothes for afterwards. Apply sunscreen, and you may need a hat, glasses' strap, rain gear, and insect protection. Bring water and an energy bar. Additionally, you'll want a boat, paddle, life jacket and for some sessions a wetsuit and sprayjacket, drysuit, helmet, or dog. Provide your own gear or contact

Waiver and Checklist

Please print and bring a signed copy of the liability waiver to any session. Note the second page includes a checklist of what to wear and bring as well as COVID19 protocols.

Paddleboarding 101 Offerings: Quiet Water

SmartStart Paddler Orientation

SmartStart Paddler Orientation is a classroom session on basic safety and paddling skills. Learn about essential gear and clothing, trip planning, safety on the water, paddler responsibilities, how to transport boards, balance and trim, loading and launching, common hazards, selecting and using lifejackets, terminology, board and paddle design, paddle strokes, and basic maneuvers and rescues.

Introduction to Paddleboarding

Introduction to Paddleboarding is a three-hour introduction on quiet water for paddlers to practice the skills discussed in SmartStart, with a focus on efficient forward and turning strokes to allow students to maneuver effectively and safely. Simple rescues are shown.

Paddleboarding with your Dog

Paddleboarding with your Dog allows your favorite paddling buddy to join you. After you've learned the basics, hear what Baxter has taught her personal paddling instructor. We’ll discuss SUP features important to canines, PFDs, CFDs (canine flotation devices), leashes for you and your pup, and practice launching, paddling, and landing with your partner. We can collaborate with Good Dog Camp, too.