Safety First

Pilgrim Paddles provides guided tours and certified canoe, kayak, and paddleboard (SUP) instruction. Instructional sessions are limited to 5 paddlers in solo classes and 6 in tandem to assure effective instruction. Class size may be further limited by interest and conditions. Pilgrim Paddles LLC makes the final decision on any safety-related issue.

Learn by Doing

Prescheduled instruction sessions draw a range of people with different interests and abilities. While this mode may offer convenient scheduling, in our experience clients tend to learn more if the agenda is adjusted to meet their current skill levels and anticipated future needs. We recognize that different people and different genders learn differently, that different age groups learn differently, and we adjust our teaching methods accordingly. Generally most people are better tandem partners after they are competent solo paddlers, so solo canoeing is considered a base skill. Couples often learn tandem paddling better if they start initially with a different partner. Some prefer verbal description and demonstration before trying something themselves while others want to dive right in and be critiqued. Youth learn best through playing games with a purpose such as paddling versions of red light/green light, Simon says, sponge tag, tug of war, or water polo.


Lifejackets must be worn on the water at all times. You don't need to be a swimmer, but you do need to be comfortable should you find yourself unexpectedly in the water. Alcohol consumption is not part of a safe paddling experience, nor are weather patterns like lightning, tornadoes, high wind or waves. When the water temperature is less than 60F, or the sum of the water and air temperatures is less than 120F, sessions will be limited and wetsuits or drysuits recommended. Dress anticipating immersion. Helmets are recommended on moving water when exit is restricted and during water polo. Spray skirts are used for level 2 classes and above. Leashes on paddleboards will be used on large bodies of water and attached to the ankle, knee, or a quick release as appropriate.

Bring a signed copy of the liability waiver to any session. Note the back page includes a checklist of what to wear and bring.

Fees, Waivers, Cancellation

Fees for services are expected when services are rendered. Every effort will be made to reschedule sessions affected by weather or other circumstance. The Pilgrim Paddles LLC Liability Waiver must be signed by all participants.